Our selection of mountain bike helmets and full-face helmets

Find a wide selection of mountain bike helmets at the best prices. Essential equipment for cyclists, our products ensure comfort and safety during your mountain bike outings. They are selected from leading brands such as Bell, Giro, Kenny, Hornit, Leatt, Seven IDP...

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A wide selection of low-priced mountain bike helmets

The most important part of our body is, of course, the head. It houses the brain, a vital organ essential to the organism. It's therefore essential to protect it by wearing a helmet when mountain biking. But where can you find the right mountain bike helmet for you? Don't panic! At Vélo-Store, we offer you a wide selection of this essential equipment for mountain bikers. Our aim is to support sportsmen and women in their favorite activities by offering quality, standard-compliant products. Our mountain bike helmets come from leading brands such as Bell, Giro, Kenny, Hornit, Leatt, Seven IDP... They guarantee comfort and protection, as well as an eye-catching look. ta Whatever your discipline: hiking, cross-country, All-Mountain or enduro, you're sure to find the headgear that's right for you. And at the best price too!

The port mountain bike helmet is compulsory

Helmets are a mandatory part of any ATV. It protects and ensures the rider's safety in the event of a fall. The level of protection varies according to speed and the risks involved. For example, a downhill rider will need more protection than a mountain biker. Today, helmets come in a variety of forms for different disciplines and practices. In our online store, we offer ta classic, jet and full-face helmets, in a range of sizes and colors. So you can choose according to ta practice, your head size, but also your design preferences. Your mountain bike helmet should fit perfectly ta and be securely fastened for maximum safety. This headgear is made up of 2 layers. The outer shell on most of our models is made of polycarbonate for maximum durability. The inner shell absorbs and disperses shock waves. Some of our products, such as the Cartellede Giro women's helmet, feature MIPS technology for optimum skull protection.

How to choose a mountain bike helmet?

Cyclists' expectations of their helmet depend on their riding style. Different helmets offer different levels of protection. They can be lighter or lighter, ventilated or rigid. So, to make your choice, consider ta.

The classic MTB helmet for touring and cross-country riding

Do you enjoy mountain biking? Or are you a cross-country enthusiast? If so, the cross-country MTB helmet is for you. It's lightweight and features numerous vents to keep your head cool. This type is similar to a road helmet, but lighter. It also features a removable visor. This plays an essential role in protecting you from projectiles and branches, as well as from the sun's rays.

The Jet MTB helmet for All-roundersMountain

All-trekkingMountain involves greater risks than touring. As a result, you need a helmet with a much greater wrap-around fit, while retaining comfort and lightness. The Jet mountain bike hel met is the ideal ally for this type of riding. It offers excellent neck protection on downhill sections. It is heavier than a cross-country helmet. The Jet helmet is a good compromise between a full-face MTB helmet and a classic helmet.

Full-face MTB helmets forEnduro and downhill mountain biking

If you enjoy ridingEnduro or downhill, opt for a full-face MTB helmet. It provides maximum protection for the rider during competitions or training sessions. Its detachable chinstrap ensures excellent comfort for enduro riders. The full-face helmet protects not only the skull, but also the entire face, thanks to its special geom etry.

Now that you know what type of helmet you need, browse our selection to find it. A mountain bike helmet will only protect you if it fits properly and stays put. That's why it's vital to make sure your helmet fits your ta head perfectly. Our products come in different sizes to suit your needs. They are fitted with a tightening system so you can adjust it.

When should I change my MTB helmet?

To guarantee ta safety, your MTB helmet must be intact and well maintained. You should replace it if it has suffered a major impact. Even if it doesn't appear to be damaged, the fall has certainly reduced its effectiveness. At Vélo-Store, we regularly replenish our catalog with more innovative, quality equipment to keep cyclists happy. Find your favorite brands at low prices: Bell Giro , Kenny, Hornit, Leatt, Seven IDP...