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Discover on Vélo-Store a wide choice of dedicated tubes for road bikes. Designed by leading brands such as Panaracer, Vavert, Vittoria or WTB, our products guarantee quality, comfort and performance. See also our selection of wheels, tires, pumps and accessories at the best prices.

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A wide range of quality inner tubes

Shoot, ta inner tube punctured. Yes, every cyclist has been there. It can happen suddenly and brutally when you're just cruising along. That's why it's always a good idea to take a spare road bike inner tube or two with you on outings. Especially when you're planning a longer trip. At Vélo-Store, we offer ta a wide selection of tubes for road bikes. Panaracer Vavert , Vittoria, WTB, Zipp... all the major cycling brands are represented in our catalog. All you have to do is choose ta and the model best suited to your tires, rims and ta. Our top-quality products guarantee you enhanced performance and durability. Order your new road bike tubes now and take advantage of our best prices. So you don't risk being left stranded in the middle of an adventure!

How do I know the right tube size?

To choose the right tube size, you need to consider three major criteria: wheel size ta, tire width and valve type.

- Wheel size

First of all, the tube must perfectly fit the circumference of your tire. So you need to know the wheel diameter and choose a model with the same measurement. This varies according to the type of bike: road, touring or mountain bike. To find out, simply look at the reference number usually marked on the tire's sidewall. For example, for a tire marked 700 x 28 C, you should choose a 700 mm or 28 inch tube. These two numbers indicate the same diameter, but in two different units. Generally speaking, for road bikes, the tire size can be 600C, 650C or 700C.

- Tire width

Having selected the right size, the next step is to find the right width. Some road bike tires are wide, whileautres are narrow. It's therefore important to ensure that ta tube and ta wheel cross-section are compatible. If your tire is wider than the tube, once inflated, the tube will stretch too much and eventually explode. On the other hand, if the tube is too wide, it may bend inside the tire. This can lead to a puncture or uneven tire surface.

Road bike sections are generally 18 mm to 25 mm. The thinner it is, the less effort you put into it. For Gravel, tire sections range from 25 mm to 45 mm. It needs grip and strength for comfort.

- Valve type

The valve is a part screwed to the inner tube and used for inflation and deflation. There are several types, but the most common on the market are Presta and Schrader. The Presta valve is also known as the nom small valve or French valve. With a diameter of 6 mm, these long, slender valves are the most common on road bikes. The Schrader valve is also known as the auto valve or big valve. Shorter and wider, with a diameter of 8 mm, it's the same valve found on car tires. It is generally fitted to mountain bikes.

Inner-tube repair and protection

Now that you've mastered the art of choosing an inner tube, let's talk about the accessories needed to repair or protect it. There are a number of tricks you can use to reduce the risk of punctures. Among them, there's anti-puncture tape. This is a kind of adhesive tape that protects the inner tube from punctures and increases its lifespan. To repair a punctured inner tube, you need the right materials, such as patches. They enable you to quickly cover any holes or tears. So you can get back on the road and enjoy your cycling.

At vélo-Store, we offer a wide selection of road bike inner tubes at the best prices. We've partnered with leading brands to bring you the best cycling equipment. Panaracer Vavert , Vittoria, WTB, Zipp... the choice is yours. They're made from quality materials, like latex, to guarantee durability and comfort.