Our selection of Road cycling jerseys

Enjoy a wide selection oflow-priced road cycling jerseys on Vélo-Store to complete your equipment. Equip yourself with the best products and the biggest brands of cycling jerseys such as Altura, Gore, Etxeondo, POC...

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Our selection of road jerseys

Like any other sport, cycling requires specific clothing when practiced on a regular or intensive basis. Depending on the weather conditions ,cyclists will need to wear the right clothing to cope with the elements during their outings. Designed to offer comfort and performance, the jersey isan essential element for cycling in optimal conditions, whether on the road or the track.

Looking for a new road jersey? At Vélo-Store, we offer you a wide choice ofhigh-qualityroad cycling jerseys at unbeatable prices to complete your cycling equipment. Choose ta cycling gear by opting forreliable, cutting -edge products designed by the world' sleading two-wheel brands ,including Gore, Altura, Etxeondo,and POC. Made from breathable technical fabrics, these jerseys give you comfort and freedom of movement, so you can ride for miles in total confidence. Top-of-the-range models feature aerodynamic cuts to minimize air resistance, perfect for short-distance or long-distance high-speed races . Depending on your tastes, you'll find jerseys with sleek, sophisticated designs, or trendy cycling jerseys with dynamic colors and patterns .

Features of a road jersey

Simple sportswear may suffice for those who pedal occasionally, just for leisure. To optimize your performance, it's essential to equip yourself with a specific jersey adapted to ta practice .Road cycling jerseys have features that set them apart from "traditional" models. This type of jersey features a zipp full front opening designed to regulate body temperature. The back is longer than the front to offer optimum protection for cyclists in all positions: seated, bent or inclined. To limit wind resistance, the road jersey has a close-fitting cut designed to maximizeaerodynamics. The sleeve ends and lower back are fitted with silicone inserts for optimum support and fit. Most road cycling jerseys feature practical rear pockets ultra. The pockets offer a range of storage options (between 2 and 5), making it easy to carry essentials such as a change of clothes, gel, keys, etc. To secure your personal belongings, opt for a cycling jersey with a zipperedback pocket.

How to choose your road cycling jersey?

To help you find the right road cycling jersey, here are some important criteria to consider.


For the best cycling feel, it's important to choose a road jersey made from the right materials. Cotton clothing should be avoided, as this material has the disadvantage of retaining moisture. Instead, opt for a roadcycling jersey made from lightweight, breathable fabric that wicks away perspiration to keep you dry throughout your activity. Some models feature mesh inserts for better ventilation during your efforts. At vélo-store, we offer you a whole range of top-brand jerseys designed with elastic components for maximum freedom of movement .

Hot weather

When the heat is on, the short-sleeved cycling jersey is your best ally. These jerseys are made from technical materials such as polyester, which dries quickly. Lightweight and comfortable, the short-sleeved jersey features a central opening zipp for ventilation rapide when needed.If you often run in the early evening or early morning, consider choosing a jersey with reflective elements foroptimum visibility.

Cold weather

For racing on cold days, a long-sleeved jersey is your ideal companion. Some road cycling jerseys feature parts made of thermal fabric for better insulation when the temperature drops .

The best brands of cycling jerseys

Gore Altura, Etxeondo... All these major brands offer the best cycling jersey products available on the market . With the wide range available on our online shop, you'll be able to find the road cycling jerseys for men or women best suited to your needs in just a few clicks . Discover leading road jersey models such as: Airstream, , Altura Altura Icon Giro M Chrono Expert, Garai, and many more . Etxeondo autres